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What is happening/ going to happen.

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What is happening/ going to happen.

Right now Lewie is on Vacation and getting back Friday and are set to record another Lewie and Megz and it will be up shortly after that.  Currently the schedule of Burrito Club will be inconsistent until we update how much data we can host on libsyn. Once we figure out how much we need to do both podcats once a week we will go full force into Burrito Club/ a different project. As it stands it can be a once a month podcast of a friend of choice to put up unless it is well received and there are some projects in mind that we could get off the ground.


As posts are concerned we will not be making this into a blog per say; but will post as is necessary on specific topics/ updates. This isn’t twitter and if you want twitter type things follow our bois from the bois’ page.


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